Sultani Soulmates has recently been established as an official matrimonial service. Our team has been informally matchmaking for friends and family for many years. Our experience in matchmaking has been acquired through dealing with various types of people, including different religious and cultural backgrounds.



Sultani Soulmates covers the whole of the UK and Scotland.



We offer a bespoke match-making process. We have an extensive database, which covers a range of possible matches for all ages, castes and status (single, divorced, widowed). Our bespoke service takes into consideration your specific needs and requirements for a potential partner.

We are proud that our reputation and clientele has been built on ‘word of mouth’ referrals rather than advertising campaigns. We have built up an enviable and solid reputation as a professional bespoke Muslim match-making service. We guarantee regular good quality prospective matches that suit individuals.

We are fast becoming the first choice for real hardworking Professional Muslim’s looking for their perfect marriage partner.
*Please appreciate this is not a dating service all our clients are 100% committed to marriage.

We work hard and ensure traditional and islamic values are upheld

At Sultani Soulmates, we understand just how daunting it is for both males and females to find that perfect match. Someone with the same outlook and ambitions in life, ethics, principles and religious values.  We don’t believe you should settle for second best, we work with you to find your best match.  We have developed a highly sophisticated matchmaking system that ensures you will be introduced to a match that fits your specific criteria.

Respectful Service

Ensuring each and every person in the process hold the highest standards of respect.

Islamic Ethos

We ensure that your faith is the first and foremost consideration.

Privacy and Information

We hold any data in accordance with UK law and ensure that strict measures are taken for its safety.