Stage 1

Select a package and fill in the Registration form.

Stage 2

You will then be assigned to one of our trained matchmakers, who you will receive a personal call from so that we can get to know you. We will meet with you to help you build your profile.

Stage 3

We will discuss what you are looking for in a potential partner and help complete an Ideal Match Form with you.

Stage 4

Your assigned matchmaker will then filter and select the best match for you from our database. We have developed a highly sophisticated match making system that ensures you will be introduced to a match that fits your criteria and personal values.

Stage 5

We will support you throughout the whole journey. After finding a suitable match, we can (on request) introduce you to each other and help facilitate dialogue between you. We understand that it is hard to get to know someone, so we work discretely and sensitively with both parties.

Stage 6

If you prefer to introduce yourselves, we ensure that we maintain regular contact with you so we can be updated on the progress.
We pride ourselves in being a personalised and confidential service. Therefore, please remember, you can contact us, to discuss anything you like. Sometimes it helps talking to someone who understands.

Stage 7

If we feel at any stage that any one party has reservations of any kind and do not wish to pursue the introduction any further, we step in quickly and respectfully to maintain both parties reputations and avoid any embarrassment to anyone. We will dedicate time to find you another suitable match.

Stage 8

We understand that marriage is a big commitment and we will support you through your journey to help you find the perfect partner.